Growing up

Full Disclosure: I did not take these images. Unfortunately when I was back “home” in Saskatchewan Canada, I wasn’t keen on taking photos, much less of the surrounding nature. So I google searched some that I think sums up my childhood surroundings. Each of these I have seen in real life and they are more beautiful in person than these photos can possibly capture.

I’ve barely been back to Saskatchewan since I moved to the west coast of Canada, and there are many reasons for it.

  1. It is damn expensive to fly within Canada. I honestly have been able to travel more here in the UK with less money than I ever could back home. A flight as of today from Vancouver (where I was last living) to main airport in Saskatchewan (Saskatoon) is over $700CAD! I flew round trip to London on less than that…
  2. It’s beautiful but even the cities feel small town. So what to do when you go for a visit? My inner hick (definition is pretty much an unsophisticated provincial person, if this term escapes your vocab.) is torn between loving the lack of hustle and bustle and being absolutely bored to tears.
  3. Most of my friends and family also have moved away. So there isn’t a large amount of people left who I would want to spend the time and money to go see. The people that are left are in separate parts of the province so there would be a lot of driving in between stops. So a car rental would happen and there goes more pretty pennies. (if you can’t tell by now I am a little tight with my purse strings when it comes to some things)

And that’s about it. Would I go back? Absolutely. 100%. I have such love for this part of Canada even though it is boring… and flat…. and super buggy in the summer…. and far too cold in the winter … But I’ve never seen sunsets so beautiful or the northern lights or expansive sky as far as the eye can see anywhere else. I’ve never enjoyed thunderstorms in the middle of summer more than here. It will always have a soft spot for me and I have it on the list of places to go and see… again.

More to come.


xx C


c22-Double Exposure Photo.Saskatchewan-113o-SASKATCHEWAN-CLOUDS-900o-SASK-SKY-4-900Agriculture

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